“JAM” を1人で全パート演奏してみようと思う

Actually, I don’t have any specific song that I really want to play before. I have never request songs to bands that I belong. I play Jazz now, but I select randomly from “standard jazz songs”. Songs I usually listening are too difficult for me to play by myself. I want the song “I really like and I want to play”.

“JAM by THE YELLOW MONKEY” is one of my favorite song for almost 20 years. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to play it by a music band. I realized I could play all part by myself.

So I am practicing all part now. relatively, I’m good at playing bass. It is easy to play the whole song by the base. I can sing the song. Guitar and keyboard of this song are not so difficult. I can manage, I think(I hope).

The Drum part of this song is the most difficult for me. I already spent 3 or 4 days for one bar. It takes much time, but It is fun for me.

I will record all part and publish it.
I hope it is done before the year is out.



で、THE YELLOW MONKEYの「JAM」は20年くらいお気に入りの曲の1つなのですが、これまでバンドで演奏できる機会に恵まれませんでした。で、自分で全パート演奏できるんじゃないか?と思い当たりました。難しい曲じゃないし。