End of winter holiday

Three of my kids are almost end of winter holiday. We were tackled to our homework today.

My son is such a clever person. he is not so smart, but he doesn’t do unnecessary things. I suspect he doesn’t do all homework, but he announced he have done all homework. I didn’t see when he is doing homework but it’s ok. He will manage many things.

My oldest daughter is too serious about all things in her childhood. She became not so serious person now. She started her homework today. I think it is good. I hope she will learn “manage” many things roughly. She may have trouble with learning English, I’m worried about it.

My young daughter has her own pace. She have done almost all her homework, but it’s quarity is not so good but she says it’s ok, I agree it.

I wrote some my article about my book. It may take much time than I expected. I try to make time to write book.

It is difficult to write diary in English. I’m relatively familiar with use English about IT related things but not about daily things. This diary may be good practice for me.